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JOEmo Stainless Tea Travel Mug

Tea drinkers who are tired of trying to deal with brewing tea in conventional travel mugs will love the JOEmo Stainless Tea Travel Mug. Designed with a 360 degree top for drinking anywhere around the rim, this tea mug features a removable fine mesh strainer basket that allows you to brew tea right in the mug. There are two ways to brew tea in the JOEmo travel tea mugs. You can add loose leaf tea to the mug and then put in the strainer basket so that the leaves will be strained from the tea before you drink it, or you can put the tea in the basket and then simply remove it before drinking.

The stainless steel exterior of this mug signals a durability that will last for years and the vacuum insulation system will provide the maximum performance for keeping beverages hot or cold. A handy carrying case is included so you can slide this leak proof mug into a coat pocket, bag, purse or briefcase. JOEmo is so confident that the mug won’t leak that they include a pocket on the zippered carrying case for your cell phone.

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