A stainless steel travel mug is a great investment, but at one time or another all of us have managed to tip over our coffee mug and spill hot coffee all over in our cars, on our desks, or even worse on our laps. While the latter can be very physically painful, the former can be financially agonizing when important papers on the desk are ruined by the spilled coffee. So what can be done to solve this tipping problem? One of the best solutions would be by a wide bottomed mug, and another would be a very tight sealing cap on the mug.

There are a number of metal mugs available that are designed to prevent spillage. Many of these are designed with a wide bottom. They have broad flat bottoms that are usually covered with anti-skid material. Others have ultra-wide bottoms that are several times the diameter of the mug’s lid. These types of mugs are designed to ride on a car seat or on the floor of a car without spilling, and won’t fit in standard automotive type drink holders. But, with such a wide bottom the mug can literally be nudged off a desk before it will spill.

Another interesting adaptation of this idea is a convertible mug that has a standard size base that comes with a small “docking station” that you snap onto the bottom of the mug to make the base several times wider than the lid. This docking station is usually a plastic or polypropylene piece that is designed specifically to fit the base of one particular style and brand of mug. The idea behind this convertible bottom is that you have a mug narrow enough to fit in most automotive type mug holders with ease, and yet stable enough that even if you bump it while on your desk it is unlikely to tip over.

Probably one of the more popular options that stainless steel travel mug manufacturers use for preventing spillage is to produce a mug with lid that seals extremely tight. This way even if the mug tips over and rolls onto the floor the contents are unlikely to spill. There are many different mugs that have spill-proof caps of this type, and almost as many different ways of opening and closing the sipping port.

Some of the more expensive mugs use a pushbutton system in the middle of the lid. You simply push down on the button which opens a port all around the rim of the mug allowing you to sip from anywhere around the edge of the lid. These types of sealing systems are often very good and will provide almost 100% drip proof seal. On the other hand, I have had very good luck with the simple flip type cap with a good rubber seal. The difference is that the pushbutton lid is very secure and could ride in my coat pocket and I would not have to worry about spillage. With a flip type lid the beverage might be secure in the mug but I would constantly be worrying about accidentally opening the cap and spilling hot coffee in my coat pocket.

There are a large number of available options for spill-proofing your stainless steel travel mug. The better the mug, the more likely that it will give you a feeling of security when it is setting among important papers on your desk, or riding in your coat pocket as you commute to work.