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Thermos Nissan Paper Cup Insulator

This Thermos is for those people who just cannot give up the convenience of buying coffee in paper cups.

Built of heavy duty stainless steel the Thermos paper cup holder is a metal sleeve with a silicone ring around the top. It will hold a 16 ounce cup of coffee, paper cup and all. You simply slide the paper cup complete with coffee down into the metal sleeve and the silicone ring around the top opening helps to hold the cup in place.

The sleeve fits in most standard automotive cup and bottle holders and holds most brands of 16 ounce cups and may also hold a few larger 20 ounce cups.

Once inside the sleeve, the coffee cup is protected from damage and can’t possibly soften and leak into the car. Coffee and tea also stay hot longer when the Thermos sleeve is used. The exterior of the sleeve stays cool to the touch and because a paper cup is always used inside the sleeve there is a lot less clean up.

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