Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Metal water bottles have come a long way in the past few years. While some are still shiny and of all steel construction, others sport bright colors anodized onto aluminum and still others are hybrids of metal and plastic.

Reusable water bottles are becoming popular among people who are environmentally conscious and are worried about disposable plastic bottles filling up landfills. Disposable water bottles are discarded by the hundreds of thousands everyday and often find their way onto the side of the road, into a river or stream, or into a lake. The problem has gotten so bad that some say there is barely a place on earth where plastic litter of some form cannot be found.

Steel Water Bottle with filter 25oz

Stainless Steel Water Bottle with filter 25oz

What to look for in a reusable water bottle.


It is important to look for a water bottle that is BPA free. BPA is the chemical Bisphenol A, which has been associated with negative health effects and is feared to leach out into beverages stored within bottles made with it. This is believed to occur when beverages and food are left in BPA based plastic containers and allowed to get hot. This might occur if water in a plastic bottle is left in a car on a hot day. Stainless steel water bottles are BPA free and safe to use.

Most bottles are single walled, which means that there is a single layer of metal that is used to form the vessel. There are a few bottles available that are double walled, meaning that there are two layers of metal used, often with an empty space in between. This space makes an excellent location for insulation and perhaps the best available insulation system is a vacuum, first because it doesn’t add any weight to the container and second because a vacuum is simply a better insulator than foam or an air gap.

Aluminum water bottles are available from many manufacturers. Lightweight and durable, these metal bottles will perform as well as any other bottles, but there are some health concerns with using aluminum. To avoid these, many manufacturers have placed a coating on the inside of the bottles to prevent the contents from contacting the aluminum. Some steel water bottles may also be coated. The best advice for a consumer is to investigate the products if there is any concern that there might be a lining that could cause a health issue. Many manufacturers now state whether their products have a coating and whether that coating is BPA free.


Another consideration is to look for leak proof lids with a cap that is comfortable for the user. There are several different cap styles available with one of the most common being the pop-up type similar to those on dish detergent bottles. Another type of cap offers a flip-up straw for drinking through. Yet another style provides a common mouth such as you might find on a soft drink bottle. This mouth may be covered by a solid screw on cap, or by a snap cap that can be opened with the flip of a thumb.

The type of cap that is comfortable is important in making a selection of a water bottle because it plays into the next consideration which is how stiff the sides of the bottle are. Squirt-type spouts are difficult to make function when the sides of the bottle are too stiff for squeezing. For hard sided containers a straw port, or a removable cap such as is found on standard canteens may prove more workable for many people than squirt tops.

25 oz Stainless steel water bottle canteens

25 oz steel water bottle canteens

Straps, Clips and Loops

How will the bottle be carried? To some extent, this purpose-based consideration will determine which bottle is best. If the bottle is to be carried in a carrier on a bicycle, or in a vehicle’s cup holder, it is important to find a bottle that will fit the available space.

If the bottle is to be carried when hiking, jogging, walking or exercising, it may be wise to look for a bottle with a neck strap or perhaps a D-ring or carabiner connector so it can be clipped to a belt. There are also holsters available for many water bottles so they can be carried on a belt.

Insulated covers are available that either come attached to a neck or shoulder strap, or have a D-ring for connecting to such a strap. Many varieties of stainless steel water bottles come with this type of connector.