Pure Hydration Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle & Handle 25oz Silver

For everyone who has ever had trouble with bits of ice cubes plugging up the sipping port on a water bottle, Pure Hydration has provided an answer. Made of highly polished stainless steel, this Pure Hydration water bottle is double-walled to keep drinks cold, cold, cold.

The unique feature of this bottle is the set of screens that fit down inside. One screen keeps ice from floating up and blocking the drinking spout. The other screen is for loose leaf tea, so this drinking bottle can serve double duty as a tea infuser.

Holding 25 ounces, this is no small bottle, either. Available in several colors including pink, this reusable water bottle will look fine on any bike rack, cup holder or desk and the stainless steel construction will last for years to come.

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