Pure Hydration Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle & Handle 12oz Black

Sometimes you don’t want to lug the better part of a liter of water around with you. Sometimes you just want a small water bottle that you can tuck into a coat pocket or slide into a purse or backpack. Pure Hydration offers just such a solution with this 12 ounce reusable water bottle.

Like all of Pure Hydration’s reusable water bottles in this line, this one has double-walled construction with no plastic or epoxy inner coatings that might leach BPA or some other harmful chemical into your water or other beverage. Just like this bottle’s bigger brothers, there are two internal screens, one to block ice chips from clogging the sipping spout, and one to strain out loose tea leaves if you should decide to make tea in the bottle.

Also like Pure Hydration’s other reusable water bottles, the double-walled construction means that the outside of this water bottle will remain at a stable temperature despite what you might put inside. This is a big difference from single walled water bottles that quickly transfer the temperature of the contents to the outer surface either freezing you hand from the ice or burning it from the coffee.

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