New Wave Enviro Tinted Stainless Steel Water Bottle (0.6-Liter)

Built of brilliantly colored stainless steel, these water bottles from New Wave are an eye-catching accessory. Each comes with a loop cap with a carabineer clip for attaching to a belt, backpack or bag. The metal shell is durable enough to last for years and won’t leach BPA into the beverages stored inside.

The screw top lid closes a 1″ diameter neck opening. The base of the bottle is 2 3/4 inches which should let it fit most automotive cup and bottle holders. At 8 inches tall, the bottle is short and slim enough to fit in a jacket pocket or slide easily into a bag.

Reusable and recyclable stainless steel water bottles are a part of the solution to the growing piles of disposable bottles that find their way to landfills.

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