CamelBak 0.75- Liter Stainless Steel Better Bottle

Worried about chemicals leaching into your drinking water? Or is it the thought of all those disposable bottles piling up in landfills that bothers you? Either way the solution is to use a water bottle that won’t leach, and CamelBak provides exactly that with the 0.75 liter bottle. Built of dependable medical grade stainless steel the CamelBak reusable water bottle has no inner liners or plastic coatings to worry about leaching chemicals.

The cap incorporates CamelBak’s proprietary “Big Bite Valve.” The valve has no moving parts and is spill proof. Bicycling Magazine even called it “the best bite valve on the planet.”

The greatest thing about CamelBak is that replacement caps and valves are readily available along with a host of other accessories. These are truly “hands-free” drinking systems for mountain bikers and anyone else that needs hydration while keeping both hands busy with work.

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