Stainless Steel Travel Mug | Brugo Travel Mug

The Brugo Travel mug is drawing a lot of attention among coffee drinkers at the moment. This innovative mug features a double wall construction and stainless steel/chrome finish. But the real difference between this mug and all of the others on the market is the adjustable temperature control on the top.

Almost all of us have filled a mug with coffee or tea and then found that it is too hot for us to drink comfortably. Brugo has solved this problem by the introduction of a “cooling” chamber, which acts as a heat-sink to lower the temperature of the contents. Each time you sip from the cup, the tilting action allows a small amount of fluid to run from the cup into the cooling chamber where the beverage is allowed to cool until it reaches the prime temperature. When you sip again, the beverage in the chamber is released for you to sip and the chamber refills to begin the cooling process again.

The cap of the Brugo has three settings, locked, sip, and tip&cool. The “sip” mode bypasses the cooling chamber and allows you to drink straight from the cup.

The Brugo stainless steel travel mug comes in over a dozen different colors including cobalt, lime green, purple, sage, dark brown, orange, dark blue, yellow, black, Mediterranean green. Pink, light blue, red.

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