Sigg Metro Mug Thermal Water Bottle

Sometimes you don’t want a huge travel mug or a giant desk mug full of coffee. For those people who only want a small cup of coffee, a great big stainless steel coffee mug seems like overkill. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many travel mugs that are smaller than 12 ounces or so. One mug that is smaller, only 8.5 ounces in fact, is the Sigg Metro Mug.

The Metro Mug is made of double-walled aluminum with the same vacuum insulation system that all premium travel and coffee mugs use. The top is leak-proof and the thermal bottle is small enough to fit easily in a pocket or bag. Manufactured by the famous Swiss manufacturer Sigg, the Metro mug carries Sigg’s lifetime warranty.

The interior of these mugs is coated with Sigg’s own baked-on inner liner, a non-toxic water-based epoxy. The liner exceeds FDA requirements and the bottles have been independently tested and shown to be taste and scent neutral. And the best part is that Sigg bottles are recyclable at the end of their lifetimes, although with a lifetime warranty and the almost indestructable nature of this bottle, it will probably be many years before the bottle needs recycling.

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