Planetary Design Tumbler Mug

Planetary Design has found a way to save the planet! Just stop buying coffee in those disposable foam and paper cups and buy a reusable, recyclable stainless steel travel mug instead. Every time you reuse this mug, you will prevent the needless build up of foam and waxed paper in the landfills.

Double-walled construction and a vacuum insulation system mean that this mug will keep coffee and tea hot for hours. Foam and wax paper can’t do that. The mug has a spill resistant lid with a slider cap for the sipping port, and it comes in either pink or iris, while foam and wax paper usually only come in white. The virtually indestructible shell will last through many mishaps. Foam and wax paper we hope will last until we finish drinking.

The Planetary Design Tumbler Mug can make you look smart when you use it. Paper and plastic can only make you look soggy if you squeeze too hard. Now if Planetary Design could only figure out if this is a tumbler or a mug?

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