Joemo Stainless Steel Tea Brew Mug 14-oz

Tea drinkers can relax JOEmo has created a brew mug just for tea drinkers. Unlike coffee drinkers who can just fill their mugs from a pot, tea drinkers have to contend with either brewing tea before they can fill their mugs, or trying to brew tea directly in a travel mug. The latter can be a particularly disappointing experience and so JOEmo has developed a line of stainless steel travel mugs just for tea drinkers.

What makes these mugs different from stainless steel coffee mugs is the fine mesh screen basket that fits down insides and ensures all of the tea leaves are strained from the tea before drinking. Now, you can add loose leaf tea and hot water directly to your travel mug and still enjoy a fine cup of tea thanks to the JOEmo screen basket.

Like all JOEmo travel mugs, this one has a 360 degree cap with a center locking button that seal securely to provide for leak proof travel. The stainless steel exterior hides a state of the art vacuum insulation system for hours long performance and durability that will keep you using the mug for years.

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