JOEmo Original Coffee Travel Mug- 14 oz by Highwave

Every coffee drinker who has ever traveled or commuted has had the problem of spilling coffee while trying to negotiate a car door or some other obstacle. There just seems to be no way to keep from bumping the mug and spilling at least a little bit of your coffee or tea. The obvious solution is to slide the mug into a coat pocket, bag or purse, but that risks spillage on things it might be best not to spill on. So what are we to do, give up our morning coffee?

Highwave comes to our rescue with this nifty stainless steel travel mug that comes complete with a top cover that is leakproof and drip proof, and user reviews seems to stand behind this claim as this is one of the best rated travel mugs on Amazon.

The JOEmo Original Coffee Travel Mug holds 14 ounces in a slim, vacuum insulated stainless steel cylinder with a 360 degree top. Just press the center of the top to open it for drinking and tap the ring to close again. You can drink from anywhere around the rim so you have no worries about getting “the side with the hold in it.” There is also an included carrying case for those times you might want to be a bit more discrete about carrying in a mug of coffee.

This is a handleless design so it will slide easily into a coat pocket, a purse, bag or the included carrying case.

For more information on travel mugs in general, please see our webpage guide at stainless steel travel mug.

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