Highwave Original JOEmo Tea Brew Insulated Mug

Tea drinkers really need a mug of their own. Tea can be such a hard thing to carry on a commute because with most mugs you either have to brew the tea ahead of time or you have to deal with tea bags drifting around in the bottom of the mug. Now, Highway has produced the Original JOEmo Tea Brew Insulated Mug which solves the problems of tea bags and pre-brewing.

The Original JOEmo Tea Brew Insulated Mug holds 14 ounces in a slim, stainless steel shell that is vacuum insulated for the ultimate in performance. Like all JOEmo mugs, this one has a 360 degree top that opens with a push on the center button and closes with a tap on the ring. The top is leak proof so it won’t spill all over in purse, coat pocket or car. It also comes with a nifty black carrying case that will allow you to carry your tea unobserved in a coat pocket or briefcase.

What makes the Original JOEmo Tea Brew Insulated Mug different from coffee mugs is the mesh strainer that fits down inside. The strainer lets you insert loose leaf tea so you can brew a cup of tea right in the mug while on the road. Just pour in the water, add the tea and strainer, snap on the lid and hit the road. No waiting around for the tea to brew before you can leave for work.

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