Eco Friendly “Saving the World One Cup at a Time” 14oz Reusable Travel Tumbler Mug with Stainless Steel Inside Liner

A hybrid between an insulated tumbler and a travel mug, the Eco Friendly travel mug features a non-leaching metal liner that won’t change the flavor of your beverages or leach any potentially harmful chemicals into them. Available in world saving green or black, the Eco Friendly “Saving the World One Cup at a Time” insulated tumbler is designed to replace plastic and foam travel mugs and coffee cups with a reusable, recyclable coffee mug that will last for years. The world would be a better place if we reduced our dependency on plastics, and reusable cups, mugs and water bottles is a fine and easy way to start.

The unique shape of the mug makes it easier to hang onto and it appears to fit most car and truck cup and travel mug holders.

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