Avantro LCM30/S Brushed Stainless Leakproof Vacuum Desk Mug 10-oz.

Not everyone wants one of those tall, skinny travel mugs. Some of us just want a mug that looks like an ordinary coffee cup but has the durability and thermal characteristics of a stainless steel travel mug. Avantro provides just that image with the Avantro LCM30/S.

Complete with a no spill thumb operated sipping port in the lid, the Avantro LCM30/S looks like a over sized coffee cup, but this thermal mug uses the same advanced vacuum insulation system that only premium mugs offer. Coffee and tea will stay hot in vacuum insulated mugs much longer than it will in conventional travel mugs. Avantro rates this mug to keep coffee and tea hot for up to 3 hours.

The Avantro LCM30/S is a sharp looking as its performance and will look handsome on any desk or computer station. Best of all, the spill proof lid will help reduce the danger to electronics or paper work should the mug be upset. The spill proof lid also means that this mug can be used as a travel mug when commuting to work.

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