Avantro 14 oz Leakproof Commuter Mug

Most of the time, a travel mug is great for traveling, but the narrow base necessary to fit in a drink holder makes it unstable for use as a desk mug. So you either have to look for a travel mug with a wide base that will be stable on your desk but won’t fit in your cup holder, or you have to put up with a desk mug that risks ruining half a morning’s work with spilled coffee or tea.

Avantro may have solved this problem with the introduction of the Avantro 14 oz Leakproof Commuter Mug. Like all premium travel mugs and desk mugs, this brushed stainless steel travel mug features a vacuum insulation system for superior heat retention. The leakproof lid features a thumb button opening, just push the button with your thumb to open the sipping port in the mug’s top and release when finished drinking. Avantro describes this sealing system as absolutely leakproof even when the mug is upside down.

The best part, and the feature that makes this travel mug stand out from most of the others available, is the screw on bottom flange. When you leave for work, simply unscrew the wide bottom flange and drop it in your pocket. The travel mug will then have a standard sized bottom that will fit in most cup holders. When you reach work, screw the flange back on and the mug will be much more stable on your desktop. Even if it does tip over, the self sealing lid on this travel mug will help to keep any damages to a minimum.

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