Eco Vessel Kids Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle / Cup (12 Ounces)

More and more people are trying to reduce the amount of plastics that touch their daily lives. The reasons range from fear of BPA leaching into food and drink to simply wanting to reduce the carbon footprints we all leave on the planet. Reducing plastic is hard for those who have had a lifetime of conditioning to rely on disposable forks and bottles. To make it easier on the next generation to care for the planet, many parents are starting their children on the path to plastic independence early by buying them stainless steel sippy cups.

The Eco Vessel Kids Stainless Steel Sippy Cup can start youngsters off right. Built of food grade #304 stainless steel, the Eco Vessel cup is BPA free. It is lightweight and like all stainless steel products, durable enough to take a beating. The bottle comes with a sippy spout that has a clear plastic cover to protect it from dirt and keep it from being damaged while not in use or being carried in a bag.

Like all Eco Vessel stainless steel bottles, this one is 100% recyclable and will help reduce the plastic bottles that litter our streets and fill up our landfills. Comes in 5 different colors, including green, blue, pink, purple and silver which means different colors can be assigned to different beverages, making selection from a bag breeze.

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