Zojirushi SM-BA35 D-Mug 12-Ounce Stainless-Steel Mug

The Zojirushi SM-BA35 D-Mug is a double-walled, vacuum insulated mug with a difference. The Zojirushi can be easily personalized by the addition of a customizable label pr “wrapper” that can be fitted beneath the clear plastic shell. This wrapper can quickly customize the mug to have any exterior color or design the user wants. In fact, the wrapper could be changed daily or weekly to provide a continuously changing mug. Zojirushi maintains a website where users can quickly customize and print a new label.

Zojirushi rates this mug to maintain a 140 degree Fahrenheit beverage for 6 hours. The mug measures 3 x 7-1/8 inches and has a 5 year warranty on the thermal insulation.

Some users have reported they like to decorate the mug with pictures of kids and pets. Whatever you choose, this mug is one that can perform with the best mugs on the market and still provide a bit of extra fun.

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