Timolino 10 oz. tanium III Spill Proof Mug w/ Blue Lever

The thought of bumping your coffee mug and sending its contents spilling over a pile of paperwork is chilling for anyone who flies a desk all day. Ceramic mugs are prone to breakage and if you tip them over the contents are either soaked up by your desk blotter or spilled on the floor.

Timolino may have had just this situation in mind when they created the Timolino 10 oz. tanium III Spill Proof Mug w/Lever. This stainless steel coffee mug has a lever on top of the handle that operates the drink opening in the top. When you want to take a sip, just lift the mug, press down on the lever with your thumb and the sipping port will open to release your beverage. The best part is that Timolino says this mug is leakproof even when it is laying on its side. That means that an accidental bump and tip won’t cost a couple of hours redoing paperwork.

Vacuum insulation keeps hot beverages hot for 2 hours and cold ones cold for 4 hours. The stainless steel construction makes this a durable mug that is distinctive enough to turn heads at the office.

For general information on choosing a stainless steel coffee mug, please see our coffee mug web page.

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