Toastess TFC-42T Silhouette 800-Watt Twin Coffeemaker with 2 Thermal Travel Mugs

Toastess produces this two cup coffee maker that brews two separate cups of coffee at a time using two different filter cups. The added flexibility of being able to brew with two different filter cups means that different coffees can be used in each filter, so one can be decaf and one can be regular.

The brewer comes with two stainless steel travel mugs that coffee is brewed into eliminating the need for a pot and reducing waste for those two commuter households that only have time for one cup of coffee in the morning. Waste is further reduced by the two permanent nylon coffee filters that require no paper filters ever.

Each stainless steel travel mug holds 15 ounces and has a no-slip grip-strip and a tight fitting lid with a tab closure.

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