Keurig B30 Mini Brewers

This mini-brewer from Keurig uses the patented K-cup technology to provide a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, tea or cocoa every time. K-cups are small packages of coffee, tea or cocoa that are pre-measured to make 1 perfect cup. To use the brewer, you first make sure the reservoir is filled with water, then lift the lid and insert a K-cup, close the lid and press the button. That’s it. No measuring, messing with filters or fussy clean-up. When finished brewing, simply remove the K-cup and throw it away. Because the K-cups are always measured precisely and exactly the same, every cup will be just like the last. K-cups are available in dozens of varieties and include many premium brands.

Because this is a compact coffee maker, the water reservoir is smaller than that on the larger machines and so you have to fill this coffee maker with 8 ounces of water each time you want to brew a cup. The larger Keurig machines come with 48 ounce and larger water chambers so several cups can be brewed without requiring a refill.

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