Braun Tassimo TA1200 Single-Serve Hot-Beverage System

The Tassimo brewing system is one of the hottest new technologies for the home. Tassimo brewers use small disks that come pre-loaded with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. To use, simply insert the disk and press the button. The Tassimo will then deliver just the right amount of water at exactly the right temperature to brew one perfect cup of coffee. Clean up is easy too, simply remove the disk and throw it away, empty the spill tray and wipe the machine down.

Tassimo brewers are prefect for households with only one coffee drinker and for those people who are serious about a perfect cup of coffee. They also work really well for those households where everyone prefers a different coffee and brewing a whole pot simply make no sense. The T-disks that contain the coffee are available filled with a number of nationally recognized brands like Gevalia, Starbucks and Twinings There are also many different flavors of coffee represented, so everyone can enjoy coffee house quality coffee right in their own home for only pennies.

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