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Highwave moJOEmo Stainless Travel Mug vs. Timolino 20 oz. @tanium II Vacuum Travel Mug

Even among the most popular wide-bottomed travel mugs, two models stand out as being more popular than many others. These are the Highwave moJOEmo stainless steel travel mug, and the Timolino Tanium II travel mug.

Both mugs have a few similarities. For instance both have wide bottoms to make them stable on desktops or car seats. Both have inner and outer shells made of food grade stainless steel with a vacuum chamber in between, which provides the best insulation available in any travel mug. Both mugs also have food grade polypropylene handles, lids, and trim. Neither of the mugs will fit in a standard automotive type beverage holder, because both mugs have a bottom that is too wide. But, that makes both mugs perfect for sitting on a desk. Indeed, both mugs have silicone on the bottom to help them being nonskid when sitting on the smooth surface of a desk.

The Highwave moJOEmo uses a pushbutton closure on the top. This is the same pushbutton closure that appears successfully on other Highwave mugs, and is known to make these mugs almost perfectly leakproof when they tip over. The Timolino mug uses a simple slide closure at the top making it perhaps easier to drink from, and just a little bit less leakproof.

Choosing between these two stainless steel travel mugs is a difficult proposition. Both companies make a fine product that is loved by many consumers and durable enough to last for many years. Both mugs are also unusual enough to be a status symbol on a desk or at the worksite.

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